The essential tool for building long lasting customer relationships in the education sector

Hummingbird was born out of necessity by a business serving the education sector that felt a suitable & affordable CRM for this space simply didn’t exist.  We know what it takes, and have poured 75 years of combined experience in EDU sales & customer service into a tool that will help you:

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Grow Without Limits

CRM’s are a great way to manage your customers and grow your business.  Most CRM’s are restrictive, cumbersome and expensive.  It’s time to change that…

  • Hummingbird is an end to end, cloud based CRM which is feature rich but has an easy to use, seamless workflow

  • Annual license fee determined by the size of your user base

  • No costly bolt-ons to acquire more functionality. We listen and as new functionality is made available, you instantly benefit from any enhancements


Focus Your Teams

Business owners want high level data to drive budgeting and make strategic decisions. Sales leaders want the right information to manage and support their teams. Sales leaders want the right information to manage and support their teams.  Salespeople want simple and effective ways to manage their customer relationships, their pipeline & to forecast effectively. Hummingbird does just that...

  • See your overall pipeline as well as by channel, person or team
  • Understand key sources of interest/revenue

  • Plan and think smarter about where to invest your resources


Provide 360° Support

Hummingbird is a seamless, end to end solution that gives you total control of your customer relationships, without complicating things…

  • View leads, sales, orders and support tickets all within a single place
  • Deliver better service by giving everyone in your team awareness of a customer’s circumstances
  • Providing visibility on new customers and helps manage where they’re up to in the onboarding process

Reference Your Advocates

Maximise the strong relationships you’ve forged with your existing customer base and leverage existing credibility with just a few clicks.  After all, your loyal customers are your best salespeople…

  • View neighbouring schools and quickly identify who your nearby customers are
  • Set up and manage incentives for your customers to help you promote your business
  • Quickly identify key advocates and users of your product

Know Your Customers

With a comprehensive, up to date dataset preloaded, direct from the DFE, the age old headaches of data integrity and lead sourcing are no longer an issue, meaning you can get straight to work…

  • Comes pre-loaded with fundamental school details to get you started
  • Pre-loaded with Multi-Academy Trust and Local Authority records
  • Preset views so you can see prospects and customers by region or geography, making running campaigns simple

Engage with your customers

We've partnered with the educational community called edoocoo to offer a circle (a private place just for you) where you can engage with your customer base.

  • Add all informational content to edoocoo and engage on topic
  • Use edoocoo as an additional support channel - allow your customers to self help and offer support
  • Keep all topics and conversations searchable - adds more value over time and conversations expand
  • Receive statistics of customer engagement, new topics created and new members joined.

We know the pitfalls you could be experiencing...

Ever wanted to view your pipeline for the month or even year and instantly see it weighted in terms of probability?
At Hummingbird, we know how important it is to have accurate forecasts and manage your sales operation against them.  We allow you to view your pipeline for the whole business, by individual sales people, teams and channel partners.  We even allow you to slice it up and view where your leads are coming from and how it’s split by products.
Ever contacted a school and been asked ‘Have you got any local schools using it...’?
We have, on pretty much every call and that’s why we present that information to your sales team at the click of a button when they’re talking to a lead or prospect.  Third party referencing is so important when selling to schools so we’ve put that at the heart of Hummingbird.
Imagine making a sales call into an existing customer and not realising they have a live support ticket open....
We know that’s happened to us in the past and it’s not the best opening line for your sales team to overcome.   Hummingbird is an end-to-end CRM so you can manage all your support tickets in the same place and ensure your sales team have a clear view on the status of your existing customer relationships.   You can also add the saving on your ticketing software to the reasons why Hummingbird is a better solution for you.
A CRM that allows you to grow your customer base without worrying about extra hidden costs associated with generating too may leads or customers.
With Hummingbird, you’ll have the flexibility to scale your business and make fulluse of all the features without having to keep an eye on escalating costs.  We’re transparent on price and don’t have any costly bolt-on modules.  You pay one annual license fee dependent on the number of people in your organisation who need access and that’s it.  Feedback any ideas that you think will improve Hummingbird for our community and we’ll get out brilliant development team to take a look.  Any updates we provide will be included in your license fee.
When it’s time to send out renewal invoices for the coming year, wouldn’t it be great to know how onboard your customers are with your own app......
We all spend time and money on product development and it’s so important to know whether your customers are making use of all that hard work and investment.  Hummingbird excels at this without overcomplicating the process and allows you to break it down further by different products if required.

Choose your plan

No bolt-ons and upgrades as you go.  We’re completely transparent on pricing and you’ll be able to budget for Hummingbird knowing you don’t have to worry about generating too much pipeline and needing to upgrade to deal with it.
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1 - 5 Users
UK and Ireland educational database
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edoocoo circle and API
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Small Business
Per Month
Billed annually
6 - 15 Users
UK and Ireland educational database
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edoocoo circle and API
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Medium Sized Business
Per Month
Billed annually
15 - 30 Users
UK and Ireland educational database
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edoocoo circle and API
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30+ Users
UK and Ireland educational database
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edoocoo circle and API
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